Sauna project starts here.

Step 1. Select a sauna type.

Finnish sauna

The most popular type of sauna. When people just talk about the sauna, they mean the Finnish sauna, as the most simple and common. Russian sauna also goes to this section, but with some clarifications.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas use invisible wavelengths of light to heat objects in a room, unlike dry saunas which heat the air.

Steam sauna

Steam sauna, Turkish sauna or hammam are names for the same sauna. It is radically different from the Finnish sauna both in principle and in the materials used.

Combined sauna and SPA

SPA is a complex of different saunas. Most often, our team solves the problem of design and location of two saunas on the area that allows it.

Step 2. Select service.

Buy Project

Our project department specialists will provide the full specter of sauna expertise and offer you the best technical and design solutions for your future sauna room.

Materials calculation

Calculation of materials for the sauna is done only on the basis of the project where all the necessary parameters are indicated. Sketches and plans are not suitable for this.

Step 3. Build Your sauna.

We build saunas

We have been building saunas throughout Europe since 1998. The whole range of construction services from design and consultation to equipment installation.

How to build sauna

If you already have a sketch of your desired sauna, go to an appropriate section below to find out sauna building stages and technical requirements.